August 8th-12th
Middle School Camp
Twin Oaks Ranch
Quick Access Information:
  • Registration Deadline: July 31st
  • Cost:  $380
  • The camp is at Twin Oaks Ranch in Buda Texas.  100 Marks Overlook, Buda, TX 78610.
  • Drop off is at Twin Oaks Ranch on Monday (Aug. 8th) at 12:30pm
  • Pick up is at Twin Oaks Ranch on Friday (Aug. 12th) at 1:00pm
  • You must fill out the online medical release before dropping your student off!  This has to be done ONCE per person between June 2022 and May 2023 so if you've already done this for another trip, you're already covered.
  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns reach out to our Admin: Karla Carranza;

Lucas' Vision for Middle School Camp

This week long camp is for all 5-7th grade students. Our desire is to wrap up our summer with helping ever middle school student be so connected to others that when small groups start in September the community and relationships are there so discipleship can happen on a weekly basis. The new 6th grade class we want to be connected to other students and adults as they begin their 7 year journey with us as we make much of Christ in our lives while they're in our student ministry. This overnight camp takes places close by so we can get every one of you there. We value like crazy knowing every student and every parent God brings us. Join us on this adventure so we can help others to meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Pastor Lucas Jackson