A Few Guidelines

The Sooner The Better (2-Week Rule)

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The more lead time we have on an event, the more thought and creativity we can put into the messaging, and the better we can plan an effective communications strategy for each item. It's never too early to submit a request. As soon as you have event information, let us know and we'll begin planning for it.

We need AT LEAST TWO WEEKS' NOTICE on any upcoming event.  That's the absolute bare minimum for throwing a quick social media post together along with things like email newsletter announcements.  If you submit information for an event that's less than two weeks out, you run the risk of us not being able to support you as well as we want, depending on what else is going on in the church. If more advance notice isn't possible, please talk with Kat personally about what's possible given the time constraints.

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Don't Forget The Hub

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Getting your event information on The Hub is SO IMPORTANT.  Please please please please please put your event on The Hub calendar and create online registration forms as soon as possible.  All of the calendar events approved for the public calendar automatically show up on the Events page on the AOC website, which is a great way for folks to find out what's going on in our church.  With events entered properly and registration forms all lined up, we can also link directly to that information from social media campaigns, email newsletters, and all sorts of other places.

Promises, Promises

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Please don't make promises to leaders or congregation members regarding what will be communicated when and where.  We work hard to communicate the right message in the right way to the right people.  That means we can't put everything in video announcements, in the bulletin, and we don't plaster the walls with posters.  We'll do our best to put a Communications Plan together for you with the right strategy that serves the people in your ministry and the church at large.  But even under the best of circumstances, plans change at the last minute and we may have to flex our communications plans accordingly.  We so appreciate your understanding on this.

What Happens After I Submit My Event Information?

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The Communications Team will review all your stuff and then come to you with any questions. We'll put a Communications Plan together with the details of what media channels we'll use to communicate the event and dates when you can expect various communications to appear. You will receive an email of this plan for review and reference.

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What about Videos?

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Video production is pretty time intensive so those requests need a lot more lead time - three weeks or longer from the first time it's shown online. Also, while we'd like to produce videos for every event, we simply don't have the resources, so we're kinda selective on where we spend that limited time and energy. Your best bet is to get your request in as early as possible to let us schedule video filming and editing time around other busy seasons.

How about Tables in the Foyer?

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We want our Worship Center foyer area to be as uncluttered and welcoming as possible, and not a gauntlet of promotional tables where individual ministries compete for our congregants' attention. So we only schedule tables in the foyer for events where a physical exchange of materials is required - something like handing out Operation Christmas Child boxes or collecting school supplies. We don't schedule tables to recruit volunteers, registrations, or hand out information - those functions can be handled electronically in other ways.

If you do need a table to hand out or collect items, email Maggie and she'll help you out.

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I'm Ready! Here's My Event Information...

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Let's Get The Word Out

We’ve got so much going on at Austin Oaks Church and the Communications Team wants to let everyone know all about it.  You and your team work hard to provide people with opportunities to meet Jesus, to cultivate connections with God and with others, and to advance good in our community.  We’re here to get the word out to our congregation about the opportunities we have, and to connect with the larger community to help meet them where they are with the love of Jesus.

Thanks so much, everyone!