When is the sale?

Friday, February 22, 2019​, 9 AM – 3 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2019, 9 AM – 3 PM*

* HALF PRICE SALE on Saturday afternoon beginning at 1 PM

All The Details


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In the Community Hall at Austin Oaks Church.


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The annual expenses for our MOPs chapter come to roughly $20,000. The proceeds from this sale help offset the expense and keep our registration fees affordable and accessible for the moms in our community.

Tips for Shoppers

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Bring your wallet. At the check-out, we accept cash and most major credit cards for the merchandise.

Shop early. The best priced merchandise is picked up very quickly. So if you are looking for popular items, plan on coming on Friday.

Bring your own bag. We will have one bag per customer, but you can probably expect to fill up that bag and more.

Leave your kids at home. It is much easier to shop without the kiddos hanging on your knees – trust us, we’ve been there!

Have a list of the clothing and shoe sizes for your kids (or grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins). And be sure to check the boys’ and girls’ sections for gender neutral clothing.

Follow us on Facebook. As we get closer to the sale, we will be posting sneak peeks at the merchandise that we will have at the sale!

Facebook Page

Information for Sellers

Step 1: Sort Your Stuff

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Go through your kids’ closets, toy boxes, and garage and find the items that you would like to sell. We accept the following items to sell:

Furniture such as bassinets, cradles, changing tables, rocking chairs, dressers, desks, bed rails, and high chairs. We will not accept cribs, toddler beds, mattresses, or car seats.

Big ticket items such as pack-n-plays, strollers, infant swings, excersaucers, play mats, ride-on toys, play kitchens, playground equipment, wagons, and safety gates.

Infant gear such as diaper bags, slings, baby carriers, bouncy seats, nursing pillows, bathtubs, sippy cups, bottles, plates, spoons, bedding, blankets, potty chairs, and diaper pails.

Clothing in sizes newborn to 14. Clothing must be in first class condition and clean. We will not accepted stained, torn, or badly worn clothing. Items with broken zippers/snaps or missing buttons will be rejected at check-in. Underwear will not be accepted.

Shoes, socks, and boots

Toys that are in good working condition with working batteries included. Items will be tested to make sure they are working properly before being accepted. We will not accept stuffed animals or fast food toys. We discourage the sale of any items that may be offensive or frightening to children.

Games and puzzles with all parts included.

Books and DVDs. Books must be in good condition and have all the pages. If the book requires batteries to be functional, the book must be working at check-in. Children’s DVDs with a G or PG rating are allowed. They must be in the original case or labeled clearly.

Athletic equipment such as bicycles, scooters, helmets, balls, gloves, cleats, shin guards, pads, and sport-specific socks

Costumes, dress-up clothes, and hats

All items must be clean and in good condition. It is extremely important to the health and safety of all our buyers that any item that will be sold be checked for recalls. It is the responsibility of each consignor to verify that the inventoried items have not been recalled and meet the safety requirements outlined in the consignor guidelines. Items may be checked at the CPSC website.

Check your items for recalls

Step 2: Sign up as a Consignor

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If you are interested in consigning, please email ConsignABCSale@gmail.com to learn more about the tagging system. You will be able to enter your items into the system, create the tags, and check your earnings. If you have been a previous consignor, you do not need to create a new account.

Email for details

Step 3: Gather your tagging supplies

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If you are selling clothes, you will need safety pins and hangers. It would also be a good idea to have Ziplocs and tape ready for toys, puzzle parts, instructions, furniture parts, etc.

Step 4: Start Tagging

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Turn on that binge-worthy show on Netflix and get to tagging your items! Here are some guidelines to help you get started with this.

Consider pricing clothing at 1/4 to 1/5 of the new purchase price depending on condition. Non-clothing items can be priced at 1/3 to 1/4 of the new purchase price.

Like items can be grouped and fold using one tag. For example, you could sell three same-size long-sleeved onesies as a single item.

Price your items so that they will sell quickly. Evaluate your prices. The goal is to sell! Given similar items (three 5T pink floral sundresses), the one that is clean, hung nicely, and priced at $2 instead of $5 is going to sell first.

A clean item sells faster than a dirty one. Presentation is important. Spending a little extra time getting your items ready will mean more money for you.

Sets of books sell better than individual ones. Place them in large Ziploc bags. Price popular parenting books individually.

Room decor does not sell well. If you really want to try to sell those items, bundle all your themed items and give it a rock-bottom price.

Don’t have time to sell but still have stuff to get rid of? We would love to accept your donations!

Pricing Guide

Step 5: Drop off your items on Thursday, Feb. 21

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You can drop off items on Thursday, February 21, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please check in at the Community Hall at Austin Oaks Church. There will be a volunteer to help you check-in and answer any questions. Bring a copy of your completed Inventory Sheets. You will be able to place your tagged items in their designated spots in the Community Hall. We urge you to bring your items sorted by gender and size to ease the sale set-up process.

Austin Oaks Church (AOC) MOPS is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken, or damaged items. AOC MOPS reserves the right to remove any item from the sales floor at any time for any reason. It will be available for you to pick up after the sale closes on Saturday.

Step 6: Pick up or donate any unsold items

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On Saturday, February 24, at 4:00 pm, each seller can pick up or donate their unsold items after the sale. If you choose to donate your unsold items, you do not have to come to the church on Saturday. If you choose to pick up your unsold items, please arrive at the church at 4:00 pm on Saturday. You will be responsible for retrieving your unsold items from the sale floor. Please check the “Lost Tag” are for any items that were not sold. Any items remaining on the sale floor after 4:00 pm on Saturday will be donated.