Welcome to the Monterey Oaks School of Fine Arts

We’re here to help you find and develop your creative gifts.  We currently offer private lessons in piano, percussion, and voice, and continue to develop lessons in other instruments and disciplines.  All of our classes are offered on the Austin Oaks Church campus.

Private Lessons

Enrollment 2018-2019

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Enrollment for private lessons is always open. Once you have registered for lessons, we will put you in contact with the individual teacher for scheduling. Enrollment for special interest classes varies throughout the semester; please check here for classes currently offered.

• An annual $50 registration fee is charged upon registration which covers facilities and initial materials for private lessons.
• All new and returning students are charged registration fee prior to enrollment.
• Students with one-time(semester-basis) payment option receive registration fee waiver.
• Registration week for 2018 Fall semester is from August 13-17, 2018
• Registration week for 2019 Spring semester is from December10-14, 2018
• Fall make-up lesson week is from December 17-20, 2018
• Spring make-up lesson week is from May 27-31, 2019

Tuition and Payment Policies

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Students are able to choose between one-time payment package or monthly installment package during registration week, prior to the start of each semester.

100% refund available prior to the start of the semester. Refunds after the start of the semester will be calculated according to the number of lessons attended, pending any account balances.

o Refund Registration fees are non-refundable.
o Refunds unavailable with one-time payment package after the start of the semester.
o 30 days’ notice of discontinuation of lessons is required.
o Monthly installments require a $50 registration fee

30-minute lessons: $450/Fall semester; $570/Spring semester; $120/monthly installments

45-minute lessons: $675/Fall semester; $855/Spring semester; $180/monthly fee

60-minute lessons: $900/Fall semester; $1140/Spring semester; $240/monthly installments

Scheduling and Attendance

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Lesson times will be arranged between the instructor and the student. In the rare event that a church ministry function requires the cancellation of a scheduled lesson, the instructor will arrange alternative lesson times to make up the lesson. Instructors and students will be notified in advance of any scheduling issues. Any lesson not made up by the end of the semester will be credited to the student.

Missed lessons due to illness or family emergency of the instructor will be rescheduled, or made up through extending the lesson time. Any lessons not made up by the end of the semester will be credited to the student.

Missed lessons due to illness or family emergency of the student may be made up at the convenience of the student and teacher. 24-hour notice of cancellation is required. Any lesson missed without prior notification is forfeited.

Lessons missed due to late payment will not be made up. Students are responsible for monthly payment of lessons regardless of instructor or student attendance.

Students who are more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled lesson forfeit the lesson. The instructor may reschedule at his or her discretion, but is not required of the instructor to do so. If a student is running late, please make every effort to notify the instructor to avoid forfeiture.

If a lesson is cancelled or forfeited by a student for any reason, the instructor may schedule another lesson in that student’s time slot. If the cancelling student’s schedule changes and makes it possible for him/her to attend the lesson as previously planned, the student must obtain approval by the instructor.

MOSOFA follows the inclement weather policy of the Austin Independent School District. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the instructor regarding any decision to close the building. Should any lesson be cancelled due to inclement weather, that lesson will be rescheduled at the convenience of the instructor and student. Any lessons not made up by the end of the semester will be credited to the student.


Mary Ellen Johnsons, MOSOFA Director

Mary Ellen Johnson has taught and performed professionally for over 25 years in Texas and New England. She holds a Bachelor of Music from The University of North Texas (Piano/Choral Music Education), and Master of Music (Choral Music Education) and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees (Vocal Performance) from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing and the American Choral Directors Association.

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WeiWei Wang, Piano Instructor

Dr. Wang holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance from University of Miami. She was a full scholarship recipient and appointed faculty of the piano preparatory program. She has 20 years of teaching experience in both private lessons and at the university level.

As a pianist, Dr. Wang has performed extensively as a classical and contemporary soloist, vocal accompanist, and chamber musician, and has been hailed as a “wonderfully eloquent pianist” by South Florida Classical Review.

WeiWei loves teaching students of all ages and levels.

All lessons will be taught at Austin Oaks Church.

$50 registration fee
$30 per 30 minute lesson
Rates for advanced students available upon request.

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Summer Music Camp

We’re proud to host a summer music camp for children who have completed grades 1-7 this past school year.  In just 6-days, the kids will learn and perform a musical – the camp is limited to 40 children and every kid gets a part.

Stay tuned for announcements about our upcoming camp musical and dates.